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With Info Search Solutions pre-employment screening, employers have the background information needed to accurately evaluate job candidates and hire the right one. Failure to properly research an employee’s background could result in theft or possible danger to other employees or customers. A negligent hiring lawsuit could cost your company up to millions of dollars.

Why Should I Do a Background Check?
•  37% of all resumes contain false information
•  30% of small businesses fail because of employee theft
•  Average negligent hiring awards average in excess of $500,000. A quality pre-employment screen process should include a criminal background check, which would help to prove that proper due diligence in hiring was executed.
•  The average cost of recruiting, hiring and training an employee is over $4,000. An employee background check that includes an Address History, Criminal Record Search, Employment and Education Verification is between 1 and 2 percent of that cost. 

Info Search Solutions offers the ability to perform timely, accurate, cost effective means of hiring the best candidates with nationwide screening capabilities. Check out our services section for more information.



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