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Employee Background Check & Pre-employment Screening Services

Background Check Verifications    Turnaround time    Pricing
Address History/Soc. Security # Trace  same day $12
Education usually same day* $15
Past Employers typically 1-3 days* $15
References typically 1-3 days* $15
Professional Credentials   same day $15
Driving History  same day Ohio* $20
Criminal Searches Turnaround time Pricing
County Criminal Court Search  1-3 days $24
Statewide Criminal Court Search same day Ohio
other states 1-4 days
Federal Criminal Court Search  same day $25
National Sex Offenders Registry same day $20
Civil Searches Turnaround time Pricing
County Civil Court Search 1-3 days $24
Federal Civil Court Search same day $24
Bankruptcy Search same day $25
Ohio Workers Compensation Claim same day $20

Save $$$$ let us quote you on our special package pricing!

*Some state and county court systems and colleges vary in response time for access to records. Services such as personal and professional reference checks can be dependent on response time of individuals. Info Search Solutions will always strive to provide our clients with the most timely reports available.



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